If performed correctly, a security audit will reveal weaknesses in IT, employees (yep – human error is factored in) and other key areas. Not only can a security audit catch potential threats, it can save your business; 60% of small and medium-sized businesses don’t survive a cyber attack.
The Process
Phoenix-guard cyber security has a thorough and unique IT security process that includes analyzing all of your technologies, IT systems, and cloud application, as well your vulnerability, personal interviews, and network analyses, among other things. This is our specialty. Often, we know where your threat lies before we’re very far along.

  • What operating system (OS) do you use; networking, software, hardware?
  • What antivirus, antimalware, ransom-ware, software, and protocols are in place?
  • What is your wireless, email, and web security procedure?
  • Who has access to your business’s IT?
  • Are those who have access on-site or remote?
  • Is there a log or record of who accesses data?
  • Do you have someone in charge of security?
  • How are passwords created and managed?
  • Who has access to shared data?
  • Do you use Apps and how do you secure them?
  • Is your OS security in accordance with best industry practices?
  • Do you purge unnecessary information from your system? How often?
  • Is information backed up daily? Where? How are you keeping that safe?
  • What is your disaster recovery plan?
  • Who makes code changes and how are they documented?
  • How often are all of your access and code change records reviewed?


Intrusions happen, threats emerge—see them when they do and neutralize them fast. Our unified platform will modernize your security operations with big-picture visibility and actionable intelligence.


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