Shield Your Business From The Next “Petya”

Cybercrime vulnerabilities are a major concern to businesses and individuals today more than ever before. The Petya ransomware that completely paralyzed business operations in a number of big firms in Europe, Middle East and the US last week evidenced the proposition that ransomware, especially, is quickly becoming the “universal public enemy number one”.

Ransomware is a type of a cyberattack conducted through malicious software that locks a digital device and demands a ransom to unlock it.



                      Critical Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

A number of vulnerabilities of varying severity have been discovered and successfully patched this month. If you use Windows 7, 8.1, or 10, especially, take note of the following security updates. The information will help you to know what cyber security steps you need to take to enhance the safety of your systems, networks and business.

Windows Search Remote feature vulnerability (CVE-2017-8589)



Combating Malicious Bots Effectively with Phoenix-Guard Bot Detection

Cyber criminals continue to reveal new levels of ambition. Over the last 2 years, news of extraordinary attacks and blockbuster data breaches have rocked the airwaves – from virtual bank rip-offs to attempts of disrupting elections in the U.S, France, and Kenya.

Some small companies take such news with a sigh of relief and think, “This happens to the big guys, mostly.” However, news don’t tell the rest of the story – the bigger story about the rising number of cyber-attacks against small businesses. The untold story contains details of sophisticated vulnerabilities that are critical to the existence of businesses, both big and small.



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